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               Items Required for                   Blank Standard                Wall Street Journal Reprint         
                  Loan Application                 Loan Application Form                    on Credit Scoring                

                What to Expect                    "What to do" list for                     Non-Occupant
            in the 1st 10-14 Days                  Renovation Financing                     Borrower Rules

                                                              Joe's Philosophy                                                  
                                                               & Pledge to you                                               

      Realtor / Partner Library

             Overview of the HUD                  Current List of HUD                      Renovation Financing   
             203K Renovation Loan                     203K Inspectors                        Contractor Solutions    
                                           Conventional & HUD                            Home Affordability          
                                            Loan Limits by area                            Index - Press Release   

                                                                          Worksheet for HUD's

                                                                        Reverse Purchase Mortgage

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