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General Info for Property Searches


Click here and enter the address to see what
the value range is of the property
you are researching. 
The information obtained does NOT replace a specific
property appraisal but will assist you in your search


Have an idea what the value range is? 
Now what would the payment be? 
Remember this is only a rough idea, so call or text me
for more detail.

Need more details on this property? 
You can click here and download an "app"
that will allow you to access the MLS. 
Type in the address and "view" the property pics & details.
... then call or text me to schedule a visit.

Click here to link to Joe's current blog post with current
interest rate information along with other updates & market news @ http://blog.josephchild.com 
(Receive regular updates by subscribing & check the archives for stuff you've missed.)
(Receive regular updates by subscribing & check the archives for stuff you've missed.)

Right now is probably a good time to send yourself a
Quick Start Form
to complete when you get back home. 
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Let's really fine tune a strategy for buying,
find out what your credit scores are and explore options.

Need the HUD & Conventional Loan Limits for your area? 
Click here. 


Click here to see what Joe's approach to the lending process is
as a Lending Integrity
Certified mortgage broker.
(this short National Association of Mortgage Brokers video outlines
attributes required to keep Joe's certification current)

Worksheets & Downloads

  The Library contains articles to copy & share, videos to forward, as well as worksheets that will help you guide you
through the first 14 days of a real estate transaction.

Renovation Lending has been very popular this year
due to the number of bank owned properties
and foreclosure sales on the market. 
Click here to Link to a "What to Do" checklist.

Click here to Link directly to a fantastic work sheet
to help you
with the information and documents you will need
for the
NEW Reverse Mortgage for Purchase product.
For buyers age 62 and older.

Networking With Joe & His Contacts

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